Best cream for diabetic itchy skin


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    The skin, under normal physiological conditions, ie without alterations due to the endogenous or exogenous factors, must have a uniform, pink, soft and smooth appearance and at the same time there must be a perfect balance between the degree of hydration and the excess of sebum. Unfortunately, however, there are many factors that can cause the loss of the integrity of the hydro-lipid film and consequently the generation of more or less serious dermatological disorders.

    But regardless of the situation, the compromised skin requires specific and individualized treatments, capable of restoring all its natural physiological characteristics.

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    On the one hand, it shows its emollient and moisturizing action, and on the other hand, it exerts a superficial exfoliation of the cells and the scales characteristic of the xerotic skin.

    And the daily and constant use helps to reduce keratoses and to improve itching and eczema, but also to prevent recurrences. It is an excellent choice both for the treatment of very dry and flaky skin, as well as for the treatment of dermatological conditions characterized by advanced xerosis and pronounced hyperkeratosis.

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    Moreover, it is an ideal treatment for maintaining skin balance in dermatological conditions such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis or diabetic foot, but also as an adjunctive treatment in their pharmacological therapies, as it provides intense hydration and a sense of immediate comfort, helping to relieve itching. It is also extremely effective in treating rough and cracked areas of the skin hands, elbows, knees, feet and heelsas it guarantees a strong emollient effect and considerably improves the appearance and regeneration of the skin.

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