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Care pathway for newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes

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During the implementation, we acted with professionalism and independence in mind - this is the largest database in Hungary, which uniquely allows price comparisons, and where you can find out about the availability and certain properties of various private medical services.

In addition to the quantity, we kept care pathway for newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes, and the searchability of the data in mind. This search tool differs from other collection sites you can find on Hungarian medical service providers: since Targenta is not a standard physician recommendation site where physicians pay for appearances, you can always meet real prices, there is no brokerage fee.

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Our data is processed manually by highly trained professionals. The services can be searched and arranged by geographical location eg Miskolcfield of expertise eg gastroenterologymethodology eg ultrasoundinvasivity level, insurance and last but not least by price.

We have currently processed around 16, services from more than private hospitals and health centers - and this list is growing week by week. The use of the database is free of charge, after a short registration it can be used in Hungarian and English.

Of course, registration does not oblige you to do anything. If you are not sure which services you may need, we recommend Complex Patient Pathway Support program, where, by providing targeted medical help, we work together to find solutions to your problems. Forrai Péter, Dr. Let's see the Medical Service Search Tool!

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Coronavirus test search As part of an independent public interest initiative, we collected the Covid tests currently available in Hungary on a website. The use of this page is of course free of charge, the use of the page presenting services related to the coronavirus does not require registration. The website is completely service-independent, which means that we do not have a marketing contract with any of the listed service providers.


The sole purpose of this site is to provide authentic information. The services were classified by highly educated biologists according to the method used. The results are displayed on a dynamic map. It structures the crucial personal information relevant to medical personnel, especially at the first encounter.

This service is free of charge and the Patient may receive it upon registration. I create my own - for free!

Abstract The ABCG2 membrane protein is a key xeno- and endobiotic transporter, modulating the absorption and metabolism of pharmacological agents and causing multidrug resistance in cancer. ABCG2 is also involved in uric acid elimination and its impaired function is causative in gout. Analysis of ABCG2 expression in the erythrocyte membranes of healthy volunteers and gout patients showed an enrichment of lower expression levels in the patients. By genetic screening based on protein expression, we found a relatively frequent, novel ABCG2 mutation ABCG2-M71Vwhich, according to cellular expression studies, causes reduced protein expression, although with preserved transporter capability.

Complex Patient Pathway Support This is our most comprehensive and central service designed to Clients who would like to fully understand what their medical records repceméz cukorbetegeknek and which healthcare pathways are open for them to move forward and would like to get in control of their health as much as possible. During this process we take the hands of the Client and provide a holistic service which encompasses the analysis of the existing medical reports, the Personalized Medical Report and the prioritization of its records and the design and explaination of the most potent pathways for the Patient.

This service builds up from following elements: Processing of the Patient's medical records: the first step is to extract and match information, like symptoms, diagnosis codes, disease grades, suggested examinations and convert the important parts of the medical imaging files to image format.

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Generation of your Personalized Medical Report using our proprietary software and medical service database. Prioritization of the Report elements and creation of the Potential Patient Pathways. Providing a Written Summary and compilation of the Personalized Dossier.

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This Dossier contains the medical record extractions, the Personalized Medical Report, Personalized Medical Condition Summary, the Written Summary with the potent pathways, and the next concrete steps to take. Detailed Consultation of the results via online video call.

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A fully comprehensive, detailed and solution-oriented consultation has helped a great deal. This is what I need!

Ageing, ACE2 deficiency and bad outcome in COVID-19

Medical record expert analysis By this service the Patient can safely upload a medical report and one of our experts will comprehensively reword, analyze and summarize the document in an easily understandable manner. How could you benefit from this service? If you feel that you have not received full, straightforward information about your illness or its possible outcome prognosis from the healthcare institution.

Diabetes and You - Diabetes Education for Newly Diagnosed Patients

If there are too many foreign words jargon and abbreviations care pathway for newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes your findings, so you cannot compreghend this very important document about your condition.

If you want to know how your finding may be related to your illness or general health as determined by another doctor for example, how your newly diagnosed diabetes is related to your previously diagnosed hypertension. Analyze and interpret my Medical Record s! Medication Check-up During the Medication Check-up, our pharmacists will review your entire medication, including vitamins and dietary supplements.

This can be especially important when different medical specialists are unaware of or do not take into account medications prescribed by another specialist and are therefore not coordinated.

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In such cases, it is often not recommended to take certain medicines together. You may not feel the effects of a medicine and continue to look for a solution to the problem you are trying to treat, just as it is not uncommon for a medicine to work but you want to switch to a better medicine because of its side effect profile. In these cases, we suggest substitution medication.

It is also possible that a dietary supplement or medication will inhibit the absorption of the active ingredient from another formulation, in which case this can usually be aided by optimizing the timing of taking.

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I want a pharmacist to check on my meds! Medical Record Translation By using this service, you can safely send your medical findings and receive a professional translation within 72 hours. Translated medical findings may be important when contacting a new doctor, institution, medical service provider, or while traveling. Together with your Perconal Medical Condition Summary which you can create for freetranslated documents can greatly facilitate communication with the health care crew.

When could you benefit from a translated medical record? If you are at risk due to any of your chronic illnesses when staying abroad.

Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM) Volume 59 Issue 10

If you are in an emergency e. Always carry printed documents if possible because foreign doctors do not have access to your health information online! If you are planning to receive treatment abroad and would like to show them your medical records from Hungary or you've already received medical files abroad and you would like to present the results to your Hungarian doctor.