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Tokyo Medical University Exchange Program experience It is situated in Nishishinjuku, close to the Tochomae Metro Station in the business district. The room I stayed at was equipped with all the basic necessities for one person. Every item is conveniently placed, so the two rooms make a nice little a cukorbetegség tünetei kezelést okoznak with its own bathroom and mini kitchenette with a refrigerator.

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I also had a TV and WiFi in my room. The janitor of Cosmo House is called Masa san, she helped me with all the problems I had.

Első hónapom Amerikában Már több, mint egy hónap telt el azóta, hogy Debrecenben, egy hajnali órában, körülbelül 40 kg csomaggal felszerelkezve, izgatottan vártam reptéri transzferemet, hogy megkezdhessem hosszú utazásomat. Sok keresgélés és mérlegelés után sikerült kiválasztanom a megfelelő repülőjegyet és Budapest-Varsó-New York lett az útvonalam. Az első 8 napot a nővéremmel együtt töltöttük New Yorkban, így sikerült megvalósítani régi álmunkat, hogy felfedezhessük a várost, amely soha nem alszik.

She showed me around my first day and took me shopping to a local supermarket, which is unknown to foreigners. She also let me use her bicycle, which was a great help in the spacious Shinjuku district, especially in getting to the hospital in the morning.

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She and her husband who works as a chef invited us for home-made dinner, which was amazing. Words can not describe the hospitality they displayed towards us. The last night I spent at Cosmo House, I also diabetes and endocrinology near me some Hungarian food bundáskenyérwhich we had for dinner as a farewell.

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She organised all the details of our exchange, and helped us with all the quetions we had. She told us step-by-step what to do in order to fulfill our practise.

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I admired her organised work and wish to learn her well-working method. In the first week of our stay we were invited for lunch with Ms Nagata, Mr. Breugelmans and Mr. Barroga which was a very nice introductory event.

I was also invited for dinner by the diabetology team which I worked with. They took me to an authentic sushi restaurant, and I tried delicacies such as ankimo monk fish liver and fresh sake from Edo. They also took me to an owl café. They were both very kind and amicable.

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President Usui also bought us presents as well for which I am deeply grateful. Students of Tokyo Medical University Ms Nagata contacted the exchange students coming to Budapest to get to know each other.

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When I met Shiho, we went to a sento traditional Japanese bath together. She also made sweet marons for me as a gift.

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We also discovered the city with both of them and Rina, the other student on exchange from Semmelweis. We took a funny picture at a local photobooth and played electric drums together.

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My favourite experience with them was at a dinner made by Shiho, where she showed u show to make traditional Japanese tea, which she brought from Shizuoka, her hometown. I am a lucky person to call them my friends now. About my experience in the field of medicine I spent my first two weeks at the Department of Diabetes, Metabolism and Endocrinology.

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I visited the ward and took part in the physical examination of patients. I also took part in the work of the Outpatient Clinic in both Diabetology and Endocrinology, learning about the medication of type 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus, hypothyreoidism, hyperthyreoidism.

I was introduced to Masato Odawara, professor of Diabetology, who taught me about the differences diabetes and endocrinology near me insuline regulation between the Asian and Caucasian population, which I found interesting.

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His field of interest in medicine is broad, he researches different diabetes treatments and pathologic disorders of pancreas. As a resourceful educator he is, I was very lucky to have him as my teacher. Thanks to my direct supervisor, Dr. Akiko Teshima, I tried out CGM continous glucose monitoring on myselfand observed the process of a continous insuline pumpglucose sensor sensor augment pump patient education.