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Diabetes higher heart rate. Obese Teens Face Higher Risk for Kidney Disease: Study - Consumer Health News | HealthDay

We investigated the association of autonomic function with 5-year changes in glucose metabolism in individuals without diabetes.

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Measures of autonomic function included 5-min resting heart rate and six heart rate variability HRV indices. Associations between baseline autonomic function measures and 5-year changes in fasting and 2-h plasma glucose, serum insulin concentrations, insulin sensitivity insulin sensitivity index [ISI] and HOMA of insulin sensitivityand beta-cell function HOMA of beta-cell function were estimated in models adjusting for age, sex, ethnicity, metabolic factors, and medication.

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In models adjusted for age, sex, and ethnicity, higher baseline values of several HRV indices were associated with a 5-year decrease in fasting and 2-h insulin and ISI However, significance was lost by full adjustment. A majority of HRV indices exhibited a trend toward higher values being associated with lower insulin levels and higher insulin sensitivity.

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Associations may be mediated via autonomic function; however, results are inconclusive. Resting heart rate may be a risk marker for future pathophysiological changes in glucose metabolism.

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