Successive pregnancies in a woman with diabetes insipidus and premature ovarian failure

Diabetes insipidus criteria for diagnosis


    Haematologia 4. Lisiewicz, J. Okulski Third Department of Internal Medicine, Medical Academy, Cracow, Poland Received October 3, The results of haemostatic investigations of the eosinophils isolated from the blood of a patient suffering from eosinophilic reticulosis eosinophilic leukaemia are presented.

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    The eosinophil extract was found to possess thromboplastic activity. It shortened the calcium time of plasma as well as the reaction time r in the thrombe­­lastogram of normal blood, and it increased prothrombin consumption in serum.

    diabetes insipidus criteria for diagnosis

    The eosinophil extract can be used in the thromboplastin generation test as a substitute for platelets. In the thrombin generation test the extract increased both the thrombin generation rate and the amounts of the generated thrombin.

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    The extract exhibited also a slight antiheparin activity but no antithrombin activity. In peripheral blood, thromboplastic activity was demonstrated in platelets [14], erythrocytes [7] and leucocytes [16]; it has been proved in normal leucocytes as well as in leukaemic myeloblasts, neutrophils, lymphocytes [17] and monocytes [4].

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    Due to the technical difficulties of diabetes insipidus criteria for diagnosis isolation from blood [2], the thromboplastic activity of these cells has not been proved. The purpose of the present study was to report on investigations into the thromboplastic activity of eosinophils isolated from the peripheral blood of a patient suffering from eosinophilic reticulosis.

    Methods The eosinophils were isolated from the peripheral blood of a patient with eosinophilic reticulosis eosinophilic leukaemia diagnosed on the basis of clinical and histopathological criteria. The total leucocyte count was in the range of 60— thousands per cu.

    diabetes insipidus criteria for diagnosis

    The leucocytes were isolated from the blood by differ­ential sedimentation in high molecular weight dextran solution and differential centrifugation [19, 27]. All tests were performed at 37°C. The effect of the eosinophil extract on plasma calcium time was studied [17] at 0.

    diabetes insipidus criteria for diagnosis

    Altogether 40 determinations were Haematologia 4,