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    Most of the physicians do not have time to explain these factors or train the high BP patients.

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    The cardiologists are not at all interested in patients who just want to control high BP. They would like to treat patients who need Bypass Surgery or Angioplasty or has a heart attack.

    The net result is that most of the high BP Patients do not get proper treatment or keep on taking only medicines.

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    This book will give a complete knowledge which is usable by the high BP patients and solve their queries about what to do and what not to do. In this book, which is mainly meant for the patients with High Blood Pressure, I am going to explain the cause and effect of High Blood Pressure on our body; explain what we can do to take care of this common but fatal disease.

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    I am going to emphasize more on non drug treatment of high BP so that continuous intake of tablets to control BP is not required for a long period. This treatment will include advice to cut down stress or tension, lifestyle changes, know how about diet and cooking food, weight reduction tips, yoga, exercise and walking.

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